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Limes are citrus fruits originated in Asia, They were introduced into Mexico when the Spanish  began the colonization, in such a way that today it occupies an important role in the national food culture, as well as its contribution in the foreign trade.

In Mexico, two varieties are grown (30% Persian Limes and 70% Mexican Key Lime of the national total), which are quite well differentiated by production areas, types of land (irrigation and dryland), marketing schemes, etc. However, both varieties complement each other in a natural way to satisfy the demands of the national and global market.

Limes are the second most important citrus in Mexico, both for its fresh consumption and for its industrial use. Within the world context, Mexico is considered the biggest producer for both varieties.


Experts assure that it is convenient to choose the key limes that seem heavy for their size, with firm and shiny skin, disregarding the soft or dried pieces. If they are healthy, key limes can be perfectly preserved for several weeks at room temperature, and in the refrigerator, they last more than a month.


Refrigerated storage reduces weight loss, gives better peel structure and prolongs color retention. The optimum storage temperature for Mexican key limes is between 10 to 15 degrees celsius, since the quality is preserved for a longer period, the shelf life is extended and it allows the fruit to  travel longer distances. 


Key limes contain vitamin C and B. They provide calcium, phosphorus and iron, in addition they are considered to be very refreshing and contain several  antiseptic properties.

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