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The state of Tamaulipas is the main producer and exporter of lemons in Mexico. This citrus fruit is in great demand for the export market, the production is mostly for fresh market leaving the non marketable fruit for the juice industry, which can process different products derived from the fruit such as fresh or concentrated juice, essential oil and washed shells.

In 2016, Tamaulipas occupied the first place in production at the national level with a preliminary volume of 100,391 tons, having a yield of 24.43 tons / ha, exporting more than 50% of the fruit to the United States and Canada. This demand generates a great source of employment for the local people and maintains the packing facilities in the region operating for several months.

The region continues to expand in production every year, other states  such as Nuevo Leon have attempted to produce lemons however, unexpected freezes and droughts in recent years have prevented an over production of lemons in other areas. This allows the state to position itself as the main exporter in the country, managing to displace all other entities in quality and production.

The main municipalities that produce lemons are: Padilla, Güémez, Gómez Farías, Victoria, Abasolo, Llera, Hidalgo, Soto la Marina and Villa de Casas.


  • Select a lemon that is heavy for its size and has a thinner skin. A heavier lemon will have more inner pulp and a thin-skinned lemon will have more juice.
  • Look for a bright yellow color
  • Look for firm lemons and avoid those that are wrinkled or have particularly soft or hard patches


If kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight, lemons can stay fresh for up to a week. If refrigerated, they can last up to four weeks or even longer.


  • Perfect accent for cooking, salads and drinks.
  • Zest releases natural and fragrant oils
  • Juicy

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